20/20 Software Offers Even More Tools for Working with Footage

20/20 Software video technology provides:

  • NEW! Creating Time Slices and Downloading in real time
  • NEW! Online clipping tool with drag-drop uploading and metadata
  • NEW! Automated AI tagging of video clips
  • Automated transcoding: Thumbnails, playable thumbnails, previews, and preview posters
  • Fully customized overlays: Time Stamps, Offset Time Stamps, Text, Watermarks
  • Viewing video from any source: Onboard, YouTube, Third-Party
  • Search Results play videos on hover
  • Fluid resizing for all current devices (desktops, tablets, mobiles)
  • All processes done individually or in batch

To learn more about our latest tools, we would be happy to meet with you while we're in Los Angeles October 26-29 at the Marriot during the DMLA 2019 Conference or, if you won't be in LA, we can set up a time for an online demo. We would be delighted to discuss your company needs and how the 20/20 Software systems can help. Find out why so many media archives, museums, corporations, institutions, and newspapers world-wide put their trust in our software and in our company. We hope to see you soon!




20/20 Software is a leading provider of multi-media websites and image/business management software to media libraries, museums, corporations, institutions, and newspapers.

Please call us at 203 316-5500 in the US to schedule a demo or contact us at sales@twensoft.com for more information about using our multi-media software system platform.

20/20 Software offers an integrated system for administration, publishing, and website (or media portal) display.

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