Client Management

ProStock contains a sophisticated client contact manager, with a full-featured database. You may search for clients by any field in the database, and list clients in various order (sorted by company name, by last name, by ZIP code, etc.)

From the Client screen, the user may add, edit, or list Delivery Memos and Invoices. The client's Account Ledger is also available from this screen, as well as a chart of relative billings across years.

ProStock presents similar entry screens for Photographers, Salespersons, and Vendors. All screens are clean, simple, and easy to work with. Each entry screen has a notes field to keep free-form notes about clients, photographers, salespersons, and vendors.

Tie your client database to any mailing or CRM program (MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, SumoMe, etc.). When clients register on your website and opt-in to mailings or newsletters, our client management software will automatically add them to the external CRM or mailing program.

20/20 Software offers an integrated system for administration, publishing, and website (or media portal) display.

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