Companies communicate with images and video to add impact to their messaging. It's important that all media is centrally located and easy for stakeholders (staff, PR firms, advertising agencies, print and digital media sources) to be able to quickly find, to download, and use. Toward that end, a Media Portal is a must for companies with a message to promote. And it's a plus if that Media Portal is equally at home on a desktop, tablet or phone.

Traditionally, many companies have purchased large and expensive Digital Asset Management systems -- most of which have ongoing IT demands. The Media Portal is a byproduct of the DAMS itself. 20/20 Software reverses that scenario by providing a sophisticated cloud-based Media Portal, and hiding the DAMS behind the scenes. Simply upload your images (or other media) to the portal, and it takes care of ingesting the content and making it available for search and download.

Our portals are custom designed to meet your needs, and to follow the business logic of your company. Validated registrations come standard with the portal, and business rules can be set up for in-house staff versus external users of imagery. We also provide a simple and straightforward asset management system as part of the portal.

Corporation Services

Our services include:

  • Bespoke media portals as well as low-cost template portals
  • Managed hosting, with support, maintenance, and 24-hour monitoring
  • High-end natural-language search
  • Automated downloads
  • Business rules to allow different stakeholders individualized access to media
  • Logging of searches and downloads.
  • DAMless DAMS for easy upload to the portal
  • Straightforward back-end DAMS for extra control over media metadata.
  • Cloud storage

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20/20 Software offers an integrated system for administration, publishing, and website (or media portal) display.

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