20/20 Software has long had a specialty in institutional media-licensing websites. This includes Museums, Galleries, Universities, and Charitable organizations. Institutions generally have a large body of media that serves a dual purpose: sharing with staff, students, curators, etc. -- and licensing to commercial users of media -- newspapers, magazines, and especially educational books and trade publications. 20/20 Software builds bespoke websites that can tie back into the main institutional website for cross-promotional purposes that increase media sales.

Having worked with institutional media libraries for many years, 20/20 Software is acutely aware of the special needs and processes of these (often large) organizations. We can easily tie into existing Collections Management systems or internal DAMS, and automate the process of synchronizing media with the Media Portal or Media-licensing website. In addition, we have the management systems necessary to track media licensing and funnel sales information into the central Finance department.

20/20 Sofware can also add an online "Print Shop" for selling framed and unframed prints of institutional media. This print shop allows the user to see the framed print with different frames and matting. It also supports panning, cropping, and zooming for creating just the desired image (if institutional rules allow this!). The online Print Shop delivers the cropped photo to the framing shop for easy production of the customized framed print.

For smaller institutions, we have templated websites and simplified management systems that allow an institution with a limited budget to start small, and grow with time and revenue.

Institution Services

Our services include:

  • Bespoke website design as well as low-cost template websites
  • Integration with Institutional Collections Management or DAMS
  • Managed website hosting, with support, maintenance, and 24-hour monitoring
  • High-end natural-language search
  • Media licensing for both images and videos, including image- and video-price calculators
  • Custom shopping cart and checkout process
  • Credit-card processing with secure transactions and PCI compliance
  • Automated downloads
  • Full Print-on-Demand shop with framing and crop/zoom
  • Comprehensive management system, tied directly into the website
  • Integration with in-house Finance systems
  • Cloud storage

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20/20 Software offers an integrated system for administration, publishing, and website (or media portal) display.

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