Media Management

20/20 Software is multi-media ready. We support most image formats including EPS, most video and audio formats including Apple ProRes, PDF's, PSD's, AI files, and Word and Excel files.

With easy and automated ingestion of content, your workflow is easy and efficient. Simply drop files into a "hot folder", and our software ingests the content into our system, making thumbnails and previews automatically. We can also pull from other DAMS or Collections software, or you can push the content directly into our software. Our media edit screen then allows you to curate the content. We even include auto-tagging for fast addition of secondary keywords.

Once content is ingested into the DAMS, 20/20 gives you many tools for managing that content: thesaurus-based keywording, captioning, multiple user-defined fields for searching and filtering searches. Plus batch services: batch keywording, batch deleting, batch creation or recreation of low-res respresentatives, and batch imports and exports for quick addition or modificaton of metadata. In addition, our Media Asset Manager automatically reads and writes the IPTC/XMP data contained within images. Downloaded media always has the latest metadata embedded.

Our video services include transcoding and representative creation, with watermarking, overlays, and time stamps. To make representative clips, we look for key frames, but also allow you to override the selection. We also can create playable thumbnails for dramatic presentation on the website or media portal.

Our many media management features include:

  • Automated ingestion of content.
  • Read/write of IPTC/XMP metadata.
  • On-the-fly watermarking of preview images
  • Multiple searchable or filterable fields support complex website searches.
  • Creation of thumbnail and preview images from deliverable files.
  • Keyword hierarchy (thesaurus) manageable by you.
  • Batch processes for efficient management and modification of content.
  • Transcoding of video content, and creation of low-res clips for display.
  • Watermarking of video preview clips.
  • Importing and exporting metadata for efficient additions or modificatons.
  • Management of content suppliers, with model or property releases, and rights and usage tracking.

20/20 Software offers an integrated system for administration, publishing, and website (or media portal) display.

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