20/20 Software has given newspapers and newspaper chains the easy ability to monetize the thousands of pictures (and videos) that they take every week. Front pages and cartoons, too. Media can be licensed to commercial (advertising and editorial) clients as well as individuals who see a relative or friend in the newspaper. Prints, framed prints, and canvases can be added to the site for a truly high-end customer experience.

We can create a bespoke website that includes sophisticate searching, a "save-favorites" feature, automation of featured images and categories of images, as well as easy editing of website content. Customers can purchase unassisted from their home or office, or can come into the newspaper office where your staff can assist them with a purchase. Our system for moving media from your internal DAMS or Collection program to the website is simple for your IT department to set up -- and once set up, it maintains itself.

We can include a complete Print Shop, allowing customers to purchase prints, framed prints, and canvases directly from the website. The site will allow customers to choose from a set of frames (and mats), and the image will be displayed within the frame, along with sizes and price. Additionally, our websites can allow your customer to crop and zoom the picture to get just the part they are interested in. The website will deliver the cropped and zoomed image to your printing department or outside print shop.

In addition, we provide you with all the business management tools you need to manage your customers and their purchases. Sales figures can be exported to an in-house finance system.

Newspaper Services

Our services include:

  • Bespoke website design as well as low-cost template websites
  • Managed website hosting, with support, maintenance, and 24-hour monitoring
  • High-end natural-language search
  • Media licensing for both images and videos, including image- and video-price calculators
  • Custom shopping cart and checkout process
  • Credit-card processing with secure transactions and PCI compliance
  • Automated downloads
  • Full Print-on-Demand shop with framing and crop/zoom
  • Comprehensive management system, tied directly into the website
  • Cloud storage

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20/20 Software offers an integrated system for administration, publishing, and website (or media portal) display.

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