Create Searchable Content on the Web

20/20 Software proudly Introduces an affordable, customizable Web engine that lets you publish your images on an interactive, fully-searchable Web site of your own design.

All screens are fully customizable by you! From the Welcoming screen, to the Ordering screen -- our Web engine will fit into your own design.

People entering your site are automatically given 'GUEST' privileges: They can browse and search for images. But they cannot see preview-sized images, nor place an order.

Registered clients (and you control registration) can see preview images, place orders, and maintain 'Lightboxes'.

Customers may browse images by Category (and sub-category). All users see thumbnails -- registered users can add thumbnails to Lightboxes, as well as see Preview-sized images, and request order information. Image Categories are designed by you.

PsWeb Features

20/20 Software proudly Introduces an affordable, customizable Web engine that lets you publish your images on an interactive, fully-searchable Web site of your own design.

For years we've been developing and implementing new functions of our PsWeb Software, which has helped bring your media to the world wide web.

20/20 Software now offers a variety of website enhancement services! Please, feel free to view our growing website portfolio.

We can help you turn your static website into a dynamic site that your customers return to regularly, and use to fill their image requests. We'll help you draw more attention to your site, make the most of web-related advertising, and develop the text and Meta Tags so that your site will float to the top of Search engines.

We now have a wide range of web development services that we offer to everyone - whether you use PsWeb or not!

Website Commerce

20/20 Software provides a full suite of eCommerce capabilities and functions for your website. We support Rights Managed commerce, Royalty Free commerce, MicroStock, and Subscription models. We also support all types of media: photography, illustration, video, audio, documents, etc. Our shopping cart is fully customizable, as well as receipts and receipt-emails.

For RM commerce, we fully support the PLUS specification and provide an online pricing calculator that is editable and configurable by you, using our built-in content manager. We can also build a non-PLUS, customized calculator specific to your needs. For RF commerce we can autosize images on the fly (injecting IPTC data) to fulfill the exact size purchased by the client.

20/20 can support any gateway and credit-card processor, both on-site and hosted, and we support PayPal as well. Downloading of onboard content is automatic, streamlined, and customizable to your needs.

Back-End Integration

With our hosted enterprise management system (ProStock), you have high-end integration between the client and commerce functions on the website and the back-end administration you need to run a commercial enterprise. CRM is handled in the administrative back-end, as well as receipts, statements, payments to suppliers, reports and ledgers. Online sales appear in the enterprise system, and in-house sales appear on the customer's account online. Lightboxes can be converted to memos, and vice-versa; and shopping carts can be converted to enterprise invoices -- giving the picture library management total control over the sales cycle. Commissions to sales staff is automatically computed, as well as royalties to media suppliers.

20/20 Software offers an integrated system for administration, publishing, and website (or media portal) display.

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